Meet Jonathan Ferrier

Meet Jonathan Ferrier

Confidence comes from a thousand perfect moments. Ferrier Real Estate is the realization of founder Jonathan Ferrier’s vision of “a luxury real estate experience, feel and level of service that is equal to, and worthy of, the properties and the people who buy and sell them.” This vision translates into, among other features of our service: a client experience manual as thick as a phone book; an up-to-the-second, insider’s understanding of the city’s neighbourhoods (we are pioneers in this regard); creative marketing by internationally- award-winning writers and designers; and associates exclusively dedicated to concierge and brokerage operations. These aspects of our offering have two goals. The first and most important is to create a life-changing experience for buyers and sellers. The second is how we achieve that: by freeing Jonathan and his agent team from the minutiae of the operation, they can focus almost completely on optimizing the purchase or sale. “Finding the impossible, for sellers, for buyers, for life.” That’s what Jonathan loves most about Toronto luxury real estate, and what gets him up in the morning. Which, these days, is extra early: as a new father, helping his beloved city reach its astonishing potential is doubly important. It’s also why, after a series of record-setting performances in the city’s premier luxury markets, Jonathan realized that the only way he was going to see his vision of what the experience could and should be, was to do it himself. An expert on Toronto — and creator of its first comprehensive real estate guide — Jonathan grew up with drywall dust in his hair and zoning discussions over dinner. With Ferrier Real Estate, he is building a disruptive real estate model built on hiring experts, many acclaimed, in each of the disciplines that together form the perfect machine: operations, client experience, creative services and of course, his own expertise at crafting the transaction. Specialized, painstaking, rigorous, it’s how the world’s finest cars are built and five-star hotels run. Isn’t something you’ve been leading up to your entire life worth this kind of passion?



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I've spent a lifetime bringing Toronto’s best homes and people together. I would be honoured to do it for you.

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